Love, Time and Individuality

a writing by Laura Tracey Westran

In life, there are many different types of love you will encounter, but it is important for you to realise one thing before you can love someone truly. When you’re in a relationship, it is important to remain an individual. As an individual, each of us is incomplete in our own way. Finding our true love is finding that other half, however cliché it might sound. If you change to mimic your love, the flaws are more accentuated and become issues. The good things become overbearing because there is twice the number of the same things. To stay an individual, you need to learn to love yourself. In doing so, you accept all your flaws and love the assets. You learn to become accepting of everyone else’s differences. You will eventually find a person that enhances your existence and in sharing it with them, make it all the more pleasurable. You’ll find someone that you would love to spend eternity with.

When you reach this point you should never look back because to live in the past is to embrace that which is already dead. This means that those things will never be able to be changed. This is because time is one-dimensional. It can only travel in one direction, at one pace and that is forward into the future. Time stops for no one. In this way you could also say that life is one-dimensional. Life lies in the future, not the past. The past is only useful in aiding your future, because it contains lessons you’ve learned to help better your future. We use these lessons and our rational thoughts to make our choices. We can choose to live today the correct way, thinking of our own individual futures. We can choose to live life in our own way. It is in this way, our past, that we can be defined as different. If we all had the same past, we would make the same decisions and be equal. We would be almost identical.

Your life is yours to live. Rise up and live it the way it was meant to be lived. Why should anyone suppress you with delusions of equality? They are just scared that one day you will see the truth and rebel against the conformity. Equality, if taken to extremes, means no individuality or originality. No chance to be the real you. Imagine a world where no one is allowed to be more than anyone else- wealthier, stronger, or even happier. Could you be happy in a communist country? What is the point of living if you cannot live the way you want to? Where you can excel to be the best you can be? See the truth and realise that life is all about being capable of making decisions for yourself. Decisions aided by your lessons learned in life. See the truth and break the mould. Never forget that you are the best person you can be. It is because of you that your boyfriend/girlfriend is made to be the best that they can be. To think that all this starts with being able to love yourself and staying an individual.

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