Did you know that VoicesNet has a cell phone version?

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A lot of people do not know that we have a rudimentary cell phone version of VoicesNet that you can find at the VoicesNet.mobi domain name on any of your cell devices.

Just open it in an Internet browser window and check it out. You can even assign it to an icon easily on the Iphone so it is just like an Iphone App.

Try it out. It's fun!

You can do things like read the recent submissions to the site, bring up your own poems to show to your friends and family or just read some of your own poems and writings. Also keep an eye on the VoicesNet site news blog to know what is going on at VoicesNet.

You can envision checking out some of your poems on your cell phone while sitting at an Airport or Web Cafe.

Try it out at VoicesNet.mobi


The VoicesNet Team

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