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a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

I would like to thank friends at who have followed me in your thoughts and prayers.
When Halloween was being celebrated many places yesterday, I was in the hospital for a surgery. It is not nice to be under a knife and general anæsthesia and still facing the uncertainty if two weeks from now, the result will show the need for another surgery before radiation therapy. I am still appealing for your support and prayers for these coming days or weeks.

One thing that amused me during the ordeal was when I was x-rayed again and again for marking the place on my body to be operated on, I said to the nurse, that there were many who have prayed for me and I believed that God would cure me by a miracle. She smiled and said, “Your surgery today is also a miracle”. I smiled and her remark was quite relieving.

She was right. For indeed, if one considers medical men and women as agents of God’s healing, then they, too, are instruments for God’s miracle. Her comment told me to simply trust the doctors and nurses. It amazed me how much kindness I received from them. Her comment reminded me of many sick people many places in the world who do not have access to hospitalisation, and who want to be treated by doctors but do not have the means to secure such kind of medical treatment because it is deprived from them, simply because they don’t have the economic means to pay for the doctor and the medicines. And the societal system gives little help to alleviate their pain.

I have just realized how the social system in Denmark has given security to her citizens. The health system provides security to those who are sick, to be able to come to the hospital and not being demanded of a single penny as payment for the treatment. I was admitted, performed of mammography screening, underwent stereo tactic biopsy, surgery, rest and food and received very good and specialized treatment without paying an amount except the knowledge that high taxes are deducted from my monthly salary. But who has the guts to complain against the high taxing in the country, when one knows in the heart that all the sick get fair treatment, that those who are unemployed and invalids get subsidies, when those who study get state support or the parents get children’s cheque for their growing children?

When one is sick, one begins to see the value of things we take for granted. The breathing of the lungs finds its own melody. The air ceases to be unseen but becomes a loving touch on the skin. The sky becomes a heavenly blanket for our protection. The sea becomes a meeting place for our universal unity. The heart longs for a closer walk with God, and cries out for help for healing and yet has to come to a point of complete surrender. Medical men and women are considered as God’s instruments for healing. Friends and families become a loving network of support and comfort. And the good things in a societal system can be more appreciated with deep gratitude.

I give you my sincere thanks and these certain affirmations during this great privilege of being sick with the earnest plea, prayer and hope for healing or full recovery.

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