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Life and Death from the Writing Collection of Nikita Mandhani, India

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Nikita Mandhani, India


Life and Death

DEATH... Literally death means "the end of life". When I write this blog, I gather all the courage in my heart and soul to express what I've been feeling.
Life is limited. I've always taken life for granted.....Never gave a thought to the fact that we all will abandon this world someday. Someday our life will lose its pace. Someday our breaths will take a halt. Someday all the dreams, the plans, the cheer would break all of a sudden...and life won't be "life" anymore...
I'll never forget those eyes, that excitement, the charm and the dreams that her heart held... I'll never forget those steps where we sat someday to talk about...DEATH. I'll never forget the comfort she always gave me...the care, the love, the concern she had for me....I'll never forget those endless discussions we had about every feeling, every hope, every smile, every tear and every part of life...
When the rain drops touch me...when the stars twinkle...when the sun beams...I just try to feel her presence in every iota of nature....may be because I can't accept that she has left me....because I know that she never wanted to go. She always loved whatever i wrote...and today when I write this for her, I can't stop the tears that wet my face...the tears that are still waiting for her to come and wipe them off...

After she left this world....DEATH seems to be something different altogether....I know death can't be something that's harsh or cruel...Death can't be darkness in light...Death can't be despair and grief...Death can't be insensitive and numb....Death can't be an END because she holds a light...a smile...a fearless and beautiful aura...and I know that wherever she is must be a place of serenity, purity, love and "LIFE".... A life better and more absolute than anyone can imagine...
"You'll always be there in my heart...I know I'll always miss you badly but... I've been trying to feel you and I know you're there...looking at me...smiling and trying to tell me that you're happy....and life is beautiful:-) "

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FromComment about document or authorResponse CountryResponse Added
Nikita MandhaniThank you all so so much...I randomly spotted that I won the Nov 2010 competition...I had no idea and I didnt even expect I'd get such a warm and loving response...thanks a tonne...India2/10/2011 4:32:58 PM
geeIm so touched, by this lovely dedications you wrote. I've lost my mom and dad in a matter of six months and after some years my two brothers died one after the other too. Twas too hard for us to accept it. But, life must go on and the sweet memories of our love ones still remain in our hearts. Congratulations for this winning piece!Keep up the goodPhilippines1/15/2011 6:50:59 AM
thelmaCongratulations Nikita, when the raindrops touch me...when the stars twinkle ... when the sun shines, you will feel her presence. very touching!australia12/27/2010 3:33:28 AM
Ganesh VerappanExcellent .. i also felh my lost love .. and made left scrap to her .. Many Thanks for this "I've been trying to feel you and I know you're there...looking at me...smiling and trying to tell me that you're happy....and life is beautiful:-) " I am really happy looking at those words ... Life is a kind of breeze ... India12/25/2010 10:47:16 AM
Marcia SchechingerNikita what a wonderful way to look at the past, of life and death and all who we miss. When I dream tonight, I will think of my two brothers - now gone at an early age - and remember they are in my heart eternally. Beautiful thoughts! Congratulations on 1st place in the November 2010 writing category. Another reason to remember how important each day is to all of us. :)USA12/22/2010 10:17:56 PM
MarVenea RainwaterNikita, a job well done. Congratulations on this fine document. I hope you will continue to post more of your work in 2011 for everyone to read. Many thanks for your efforts !! Sincerely, MarVenea R.12/22/2010 9:59:54 PM
JJCongrats on the win!!!!USA12/22/2010 8:04:04 PM
Paul RainwaterHello Nikita: I am deeply moved by your story, for you have obviously lost someone dear and precious to you. FYI - I agree with your conclusions and hold the same hopes that you have expressed. PaulUSA11/11/2010 12:27:08 PM

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