My Family Grows By Two

a writing by Keith Lumbard

Just a message really to all my friends on VoicesNet.I will be taking a couple of weeks out to focus on events at home. Two extra puppy dogs wow! I'm scratching my head, never saw that one coming. A little rhyme before I go though,

My friends I ask your patience please,
For I must rest from verse and ease,
Today my family grows by two,
Adjuring us with more to do,
Eight months old two canine pups,
Enormously the anti ups,
Once the place where they did dwell,
Their masters had to bid farewell,
Three dogs now, do roam our house,
Two foster child and me with spouse,
Goldfish, Coy, Shubunkin too,
So little time, so much to do,

We need a bigger house!!!

Be back soon God Bless You All

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