Happy Advent and an Update

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dear friends at voicesnet.com,

It was a month ago that I wrote to you about my surgery in November. Thanks for all your concern expressed in notes and in prayers.

On Friday, the 3rd of December, I will undergo another operation. It is frigthening to think to be under a knife and to be under full anesthesia again. But I need to keep the courage and trust that I am under men and women who are instruments of God's healing grace.

Again, I want to affirm that to be sick or to undergo a physical ordeal in health is a privilege to walk with God no longer as a distant figure but as a person side by side, listening and understanding. It has been a great privilige to experience the love of neighbors, family, collegues, and friends near and far.

On Sunday the Christian church celebrates the second Sunday in Advent. It is celebrating the act of waiting for the Messiah in a dark world. As we fear about the economic crisis, hitting countries and even the once-affluent societies, the threats of war, the environmental hazards, life-threatening diseases and horrible natural calamities,or even cyber leaks, the hope is affirmed in the hearts of those who wait for light to shine bringing us courage, will and determination to do good for our fellow humans, for our one world. Jesus is light.

Happy Advent and let our prose or poetic lines spread light for our common world to bring hope, joy, love and faith.



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