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a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

This is a great place to start is so right. is the best thing for those who have something to say in a poem, or a short story. It is an internet haven for many writers.
I have searched many internet sites to discover my book Alisa's New Life is for sale in India, Sweden, Uk, and South Africa, and others I'm sure I haven't yet discovered. The internet is a large place to search.
"Alisa's New Life" by me.....Linda Terrell. My author name is Linda Bates. It has only been out since October 2010. Some sites don't even have the cover posted on their sites yet.

I am working on "Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients" presently and hope to have it ready as soon as possible.
As many of you know I am registered here on also under Lindy Bates, which was a type of computer mistake. I couldn't bare to be a day with out VoicesNet, so I signed up under Lindy Bates.

I debated for some time whether to publish my fiction books or not. I finally sent it to Publish America, where they liked it and sent me their opinion. It is now being sold in many online bookstores.

I started here on by joining a contest. My puncuation and poem style was to say unique and far from perfect. But the responce I recieved helped build my courage too, while getting new ideas as I read other's posts, comments, and poetry. It is a great site and a support group as well.

Alisa's New Life started out to be Gilly Grows Up, but as I began writing it I discovered that Alisa was the character that seemed to be more exciting. So I changed it to Alisa's New Life.

Thanks for viewing my poems and documents. This was my starting place here on A place I continute to view and comment and post my poems on too. It gave me the courage to go forward to put my poems and documents out there for others to read. We all have to start somewhere, right? I so enjoy reading poetry, sometimes more that a novel. Here on this site where we all put our poems, short stories and comments on here, just to get an opinion of our posts from another poet or writer with the insite we so need from one another. Thanks for this site.

I have always felt that reading is very important to great mental health. And here on this site, viewing all the poems is a wonderful way to keep ones mind alert, while reading many heart felt poems from folks all over the world.

Linda Terrell
December 6, 2010

Help in time for the abused.
From The Beginning
Christmas Is Here!

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