Being Afraid

a writing by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik

I am afraid of my thoughts.. I am afraid of where they can take me.. of where they will take me. I am afraid of who I am and what I can do. I am afraid of succeeding for the wrong reasons. I'm afraid of how strong my mind is.. I look at this world so differently from how people around me see it.. I understand things differently. Maybe what I am most afraid is that people won't ever understand me because of how different I am. I love to learn things and to form my own opinions instead of listening to what others tell me to think. I want to feel the way my heart tells me to instead of how they tell me I should be feeling. Maybe I am too different to fit in with everyone else. But maybe I like being different. At least when I think for myself and form my own opinions and feel what I want to feel.. I feel so fresh and so alive but no one understands that. I don't to be like everyone else and that scares me. No matter where life takes me and who I meet, I will always be true to myself and be me because even though I am afraid of being different.. I am more afraid of being just like everyone else.

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