November 2010 Poetry Contest Winners Announced

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Congratulations to Tim Kitchen of the UK.

VoicesNet's November 2010 Free Poetry Contest winner is:

The poem called "Keep Love’s Candle Burnng"

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "This is a wonderful, uplifting poem that draws the reader firstly through grief, then gives encouragement, and ultimately, hope. It flows very smoothly from start to finish with good rhyme and rhythm. Anyone who has ever had a broken heart can read this, relate to it, and be uplifted. It touches not only the heart but also the mind with its skill. Congratulations to the poet."
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1. Keep Love’s Candle Burning by Tim Kitchen of the UK- WINNER *

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2. Seasons by Pearl Pennington Blevins ofUSA **

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "The poet takes the reader on a delightful descriptive walk through the four seasons, starting with Spring and culminating beautifully in Winter: and fittingly for the season, with Christmas and Jesus’ birth. It is well structured and has a good descriptive flow in rhyme and rhythm from start to finish that captures the essence of each season. Congratulations to the author."

3. Crossroads by Hema Ravi OF India

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JUDGE COMMENTS: " The poet has captured the turmoil experienced when faced with a life changing decision. Clever use of imagery and nature to unite it with the emotional state of mind make it a very good poem. The poem has good grammar and flow throughout. Congratulations to the poet."

Tim is eligible for a $25 paypal payment if a paypal email address is provided.

All poems were read by three independent judges. Each judge could reward a star to a poem that was read if they thought it was a top poem. All poems that received one or more stars from the judges were then classified as finalists. The Finalists were then read and reviewed again in a final round of judging to then choose the top poems.

Thanks again to everybody. Great Job!

The VoicesNet Team

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