November 2010 Writers Contest Winners Announced

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The winner of the November 2010 VoicesNet Writers Contest is "Life and Death", a blog by Nikita Mandhani from India.

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Congratulations, Nikita, on winning the contest!

Comments about the winning submission from the contest judge:

"Certain people can touch us in life and continue to have an impact after death. The writer was inspired and encouraged by someone special and the feelings and emotions are still strong after that person’s death. Nikita reminds us that life is limited and we should enjoy the people in our lives each and every day."

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Each month, all non-poem submissions to the site are automatically eligible for review for this contest.

Nikita is eligible for a $25 PayPal payment if a valid PayPal email address is provided.

Thank you to everyone who participated with us in this contest and also a special thanks to the VoicesNet Reps involved. Great Job!

The VoicesNet Team

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2nd place went to:

"Grieves of Grieves 6-13-1992", a rant by Ted Tyron of the USA.

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Judge comments:

"Short and simple, but very powerful. A childhood memory seems to have had a haunting impact on this submission."

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3rd place went to:

"My Favorite Picture", a blog by Carl Leiland from the United States.

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Judge comments:

"Most of us have pictures that we display in our homes or keep in a scrapbook. This story paints a beautiful portrait of a father and daughter making a memory that will never fade because he carries it in his mind and heart forever."

Thank you to those whoe made this another great contest month.

The VoicesNet Team

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