New Year and Its Significance

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

A year has passed. Twelve months of work, of successes and failures, of waiting and expectations, twelve months of explored and lost possibilities. A door is closed and a new door is opened, a new door of new possibilities.

There is something special in this new door and why people all over the world have to mark it with gaiety and jubilation. Is it because one is allowed to move forward? Is it because of newness in the coming in of another time? It is because it has been a tradition to celebrate it with sounds, colours, food, and fellowships around tables and dancing floors? It is because life has to be continually celebrated?

Yes, New Year is special. It is saying yes to the great importance of time that plays a great role in everyone's life. It is time that serves the key to possibilities and chances. Whether we live or die, time continues to click pointing out when is our time to stay behind or exit from the same door.

New Year celebrates the great value of time. Time is eternal and yet too short for our immortal beings. The celebration of New Year points to the closing of time and the joy to see it continuing to open the door, to give us chances. When we humans are confronted with this reality, there is no wonder, why we grab the chance. We celebrate the chance to be alive. We join in the noise of jubilation. But let us celebrate this chance, recognizing the responsibility to celebrate life with dignity.

January 1, 2011

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