Denmark Has Got a New Prince and a New Princess!

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Denmark Has Got a New Prince and a New Princess!

This morning Crown Princess Mary, the Australian wife of the Crown Prince Frederick in Denmark, gave birth to twins: a new prince and a new princess. With the birth of the twins, the young royal couple now have got four children all in all.

The delivery was easy. Princess Mary, besides being so adorably beautiful, is a very strong, healthy and sporty royal lady, being able to give birth without any problems. The caring Crown Prince was with her and the surrounding personnel in the hospital do admire the Prince’ loving way of supporting his wife all the way through.

The birth of the twins occupies the attention of the media. The news brings smile and joy to the hearts of all Danes. The Royal Family in Denmark is an adored and respected institution. For the Danes the Royal House is part of their own identity. And the birth of the new prince and the new princess is much taken as a great joyous event in Danish history!

Congratulations, Denmark! Congratulations to the Royal Family in Denmark!

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