'Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients' by Linda Bates

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

About a year ago I pondered over the idea of writting a ghost story. However, I like to write things kids can read too. So blood and gore was out. I came up with a character called Nick, short for Dominick, Bradford. I entiteld the book 'Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients.'
Today I heard from the publisher and it will soon be published.
The story is about Nick his friend Jerome, his girlfriend Clarissa, his neighbor Elda Ramon, his family, and the 13 ghosts he helps through out the book. It should be published and for sale in the next 2-3 months.
Nick spends his free time in his senior year chasing ghosts. He soon teams up with his neighbor Elda Ramon to help the ghost. Each are mediums that assist ghost. They refer to their ghost as clients as they manage to help them cross over.
During Nick's senior year he and Elda drive Oliver her late husbands 1955 classic shiny reddish classic about chasing ghosts. Oliver had named his precious old car the "Crimson Queen." Among the 13 ghost are to mention a few, Oliver, which is Elda's late husband. Brody the old miner born in 1933. Mr. and Mrs. Nabough that have their lives in utter chaos when they were alive, not to mention the chaos they creat after their deaths. Nick's Granny Scarlet Bradford, which is eventually forced to confide the many sides of her life, to her great grandson and Elda of her lover Mr. Wright. She had been a ghost assistant too back during World War11.
But my favorite is the singing disjocky from the fifties that calls him self 'the crooner'. He captivates every one around him. The plot thickes, as he gets ready to cross over when love captures his heart.
Nick is visited by the many ghosts at dances, in the shower, in his room, during funerals, and various places, as each selfishly
demand his help. I consider it to be a humerous fiction story.

Linda Bates Terrell
January 2011

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