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We now have Facebook "LIKE" thumbs-up icons on most of the main poetry and document display pages here at and

These little THUMBS-UP icons (see one right below this blog article) can be clicked and should be clicked if you want to support an author and "LIKE" something that they wrote.

If you are a Facebook member (most people are) and are logged in actively on your computer then you can click the LIKE thumbs around the VoicesNet website.

Also, when someone clicks on a "LIKE" thumbs up link, they can optionally provide a short comment with the click process. This comment will not be posted on the page on VoicesNet where the LIKE thumb link was clicked and where the corresponding LIKE counter is displayed, but will be posted on the wall of the person clicking the LIKE Thumbs-up link. This LIKE information and comment will also be presented on the News Feeds of the person clicking on the Thumbs-Up link and on the news feed of all of their friends.

Also, if any of your Facebook friends have also LIKED the same page writing, then their facebook profile image will be displayed in a thumbnail by the LIKE link thumb giving you a very personal experience.

Plus let's not forget the counter. You can always check your poem and writing pages to see how many LIKES you have received.

Well, try it out and see what you think. It is fresh off the software development presses so let us know if you hit any glitches and enjoy the deserved advancements around here.

Thanks for your great support,

The VoicesNet Team

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