Happy Valentine’s Day and What It Can Mean For Us Today

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

When lovers celebrate the day, they do not use time to find out the history behind the name Valentine. Whether he was a common man, a priest or a learned man or whether he was beheaded, exiled or executed, or whether he was a man who did an extraordinary way of showing love for the poor or needy and was hailed as a saint, these questions or more do not matter at all.

What is considered important by those who mark this day is that Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February, is a day of love. It is a day when everyone who loves, demonstrates or concretises his love to his beloved. This concrete expression can be done in many ways like sending sms love verse, sending a card, delivering a red rose, giving a well-packed present, cooking a meal, or simply kissing the person being loved and loudly saying the most important words: “ I Love You!”

The human heart can be pleased by such a simple concrete act. An expressed love through a concrete action can make the subject of love so happy and lucky.

Valentine’s Day, aside from being a special day to celebrate love between lovers or couples, is also a day that reminds us of our need for love. Everyone longs to be loved. Everyone desires to be the subject of love, the subject of adoration and admiration. Many psychological and psychiatric problems in people in our society spring from the lack of love. Love is considered a cure to the ills of our time. Love becomes a healing to our own psychosis and idiocy. When we feel loved, we feel satisfied and happy and behave like people with purpose in life.

And yet Valentine’s Day is not a one-time cure and answer to everyone’s longing to be loved. It is because often our love for our beloved can be so limited. It cannot reach at all a peak of perfection when lovers can say that all they experience is happiness. The limited love of human beings is also capable to take their beloved and themselves into the depths of pain and sorrow. That is why it is very important that when Valentine’s Day is celebrated, lovers may try to get the chance to peep into the love of God which is unconditional, the concrete love of God to mankind concretised in the love of Jesus, from whom we can learn to love unconditionally those whom we profess we love and even extending this love to those whom we do not know.

written, February 14 at 10.02 Danish time. This is to say
Happy Valentine's Day to VN Family!

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