Have You Ever Tried Wandering in a Desert?

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Every one of us will have the chance wandering in a desert, like going around a circle, which seems to be of no end. It is coming to a point in life when one feels to be inside a deep tunnel of darkness and the best way to survive is to get out of it, and yet one doesn’t find an easy way out. And it may take time, many more days or perhaps weeks, months or even years wandering around the desert of nowhere.

Wandering around the desert in our life is a painful journey. We can ignore it or stop it by completely running away from it, or surrendering our life to defeat and just stay in that tunnel of darkness and bury us in oblivion because we choose not to go forward to find the other end of the desert land. Or the other way is to keep the faith and confidence that after this dark journey inside a dark tunnel, there awaits the bright rays to lead us further on.

The desert experience in our life is also a time of being in a furnace, to be melted and purified. The wandering in a desert, when taken with faith in the heart, can lead us to a strengthened spirit in fighting more obstacles on our way as we march forward.

Let us not be scared wandering in a desert in our life. Let us only be guided by a little glimpse of light from the heart of God, helping us to carry through the journey in life till we reach the other end of the desert, the other end of the dark tunnel, our Promised Land.

Written February 16,2011

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