Tall and Proud

a writing by Richard Gildea

Dear Marcia,
Our dear friend Elizabeth's response arrived just in time for my friends at our Church to join together in her wonderful prayer of support.
During the service I noticed a single candle burning by the statue of St Therese. It was flickering, reminiscent of the one in our dear friend Nancy's poem, casting shadows all around. There was an open window close by with a cool breeze playing against the flame. The shadows described the resulting battle, when lengthening then shortening, to and fro.
I found myself praying for the flame to bend with the breeze and not succumb. When receiving Holy Communion my thoughts lay elsewhere, absorbed in the Holy Sacrament.
I waited until our Priest had given the blessing and went immediately to the area of the statue, aware that I could no longer see the shadows dancing on the wall.
I am pleased to relate that the flame was standing tall and proud, having won its own personal battle. All our prayers Marcia, are in the sincere hope your dear friend will emulate this proud candle with God's help and you will bask in the warmth of His glow once again.
May God be with you Marcia and your friend always,

Update: (Sadly the light of life is no more)
R.I.P. 9th December 2011.

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