January 2011 VoicesNet.com Poetry Contest Winners Announced

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Congratulations to Angela Hoeflich, from the United States, for being the January 2011 VoicesNet.com Poetry Contest winner. The winning poem is titled:

To Him I Hung The Moon

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "A very moving and wonderful tribute to a beloved grandfather. It is a well structured poem with excellent rhythm and rhyming that introduces the reader to a remarkable soldier who fought for freedom and of the sorrow his grandchild feels after his passing at not knowing the extent of his courage as she grew up. The nurturing love and encouragement experienced by the author is beautifully conveyed in the fifth stanza. Then the life example he gave by his courage and caring through his loving life is captured so beautifully in the last verse with the words "His life is a guideline and a path with footprints in my heart". This is a wonderful tribute to a brave and loving grandfather. Congratulations to the author on such a heartfelt and creative poem."

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1 - "To Him I Hung the Moon" by Angela Hoeflich of the USA - WINNER ***

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2 - "A Ghostly Conscience" by Margaret Betty Cox of the UK **

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "A very moving poem that touches not only the heart but the conscience also. It is well structured with excellent rhyme and rhythym. It effortlessly paints the picture of a homeless old man in the Christmas season. The cold of winter is captured so well.."Harsh tears run rivers and freeze cruelly on his face". For just a moment he is touched by the lights of Christmas and the reader can see it causes him to recall past Christmases in his mind. Congratulations to the poet for creating such a wonderful poetry picture with her words."

3 - "The Wood" by John Trent of the USA *

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "The author has created a poem of such beauty with his words. "The Wood" comes alive with his beautiful description of the reverence experienced walking among such peaceful beauty. The poem is well structured, emotive and creative. e.g. "Grey veils drape bent outstretched limbs; Blue portals exposed in the canvas belowā€¯ convey so much. Congratulations to the author.

Angela is eligible for a $25 paypal payment if a paypal email address is provided.

All poems were read by three independent judges. Each judge could reward a star to a poem that was read if they thought it was a top poem.

All poems that received one or more stars from the judges were then classified as finalists.

The Finalists were then read and reviewed again in a final round of judging to then choose the top poems.

Thanks again to everybody. Great Job! You are all great for trying and for your intent!!!!

The humble VoicesNet Team.

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