Resigning to Bed

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Now is the time to close my computer, time to turn off the lights, time to resign to bed. Another day is ended. Another time for rest is made available. Grasp the time for silence, time when the television too has to be turned off. Enjoy the time when the mobile telephone can rest, free from calls and sms messages.

Enjoy this night, enjoy the time that the body can lie down
and the mind can rest from all worries. It maybe possible that the mind can wander a long journey before it can fully rest in the dream world. But just close the eyes.Just close the mind from all worries and thoughts. You can do it. You may need to turn your body to both sides,to the right or the left many times. You may need to raise your legs or stand up for a while to drink a glass of water. But never give up, wanting to sleep. Never give up. Give your body rest in the night.

And think of the morning. Think of the new day as you wake up. The night has been good. The act to resign to bed has been rewarded. A fresh thought or fresh energy surges within you. You realize that you have dreamed and you have to struggle to remember. Was the dream dreadful or beautiful? It doesn’t matter at all. You only know that the dream or dreams have taken you to another world, to another long journey, that is able to refresh your energy.

Now you can get up from bed. You can see the rays of the sun coming through your glass windows.You can see the great difference between darkness and light.You can see that indeed morning has come.The renewed energy gives you the will to stand up, ready to take up the challenge for this new day. What a privilege to be able to resign to bed! Good night everybody!
Written to say goodnight to VN family
22.56 February 22, 2011

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