Gordon and A.N.O. - The Two Banksies

a writing by Paul Butters

As usual I am very late onto the bandwagon. Since early February Facebook has gone crazy about “The Banksy Revolution”. Facebookers are being urged to replace their profile pictures with those of Banksy. Some describe him as a “graffiti artist” or even a vandal. Others like me say he is a great artist.

Banksy against authoritarianism

If ever you have received an unfair parking or speeding ticket, you will know straight away where Banksy is coming from. Like us, he hates all that bureaucracy and red tape. He hails from Bristol apparently. When I’ve been to Cornwall, Devon and Somerset on the train, I have been to Bristol Temple Meads Station. The city looked fine from the railway track. Yet we hear that Bristol has some horrible, run-down estates, rather like other big conurbations. “Bristols” is an English slang expression for “big breasts” or “boobs” for some reason.

The Two Banksies

Nobody seems to know who Banksy is. Some say he is called Robin Banks or even Gunningham. Other names have been bandied about too. There is even a tale that his parents think he is a painter and decorator!

Yet there is also another “Banksy” around. Some assert that he is the original: Gordon Banks, the ex England goalkeeper. This particular Banksy was born in Sheffield on the 3oth December, 1937. He spent most of his football (soccer) career playing for Leicester City and Stoke City (then both top-tier sides). Gordon was in our World Cup winning side of 1966. He is best remembered for his “wonder save” low down to his bottom right, from a Pele header in the 1970 World Cup.

Sadly in 1972 Gordon lost the sight of his right eye in a car accident. Yet he will always be fondly remembered by football fans. Remember the “Two Ronnies”? Around the 1970s they were a remarkably clever and funny comedy duo: (the late) Ronnie Barker and (still working) Ronnie Corbett. I can only think of one other British duo to match them – Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise (both sadly gone). Well, in place of the Two Ronnies I give you, The Two Banksies. May they live long and prosper.

Paul Butters
© PB 2011

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