"Everything shall fall in place", A formula for success

a writing by Srividhya Krishnamurthy

Dear Friend,

Many a times, this journey called "life" resembles a tempest tossed, when a momentous defeat overrides an inexplicable and glorious victory. An optimistic person tides over the crisis situation with ease and is soon benefited with an edge over his/her counterparts. Change, though an inevitable phenomena in this journey called "life", is never readily accepted by anyone.

Never care about what others tell you. No finger comes forward to wipe off your tears when ten fingers were there to clap its hands when you emerged victorious. Life is truly a vicious circle and has to go on.

When your problems lay before you like a mountain, just close your eyes, take a deep breadth, and say to yourself "Everything will fall in place". This may not seem a solution but the amount of confidence that will penetrate into your blood vessels through these magical words is truly astounding.

Never care about failure. It requires a lot of hammering to make a sculpture. It pains, but ultimately you will be rewarded for your sacrifice.

Last but not the least, Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. But the proportion of joy and sorrow is in our hands. Accept sorrow happily and live life with joy.

Everything will fall in place!

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