Investment of Nature on Man

a writing by Ranganathan S

Nature has produced man as a last (suppose to be) product of evolution with a purpose. Several life forms, formation & elimination, adaptation & acceptance and multiple line of diversification etc., had occurred in nature. The purpose of nature was to leave a legacy of learning and teachings from nature itself for man, much before man being created as the possible end product evolution.

Perhaps, nature would have thought that man would take over some leadership responsibilities from nature and expand the vista of nature. Before someone is promoted for a top job, the organizations will give adequate training, exposure and opportunities in decision making to make them very successful in task/people management/leadership. The organizations/corporate has the choice of removing the wrong leaders but unfortunately nature doesn’t believe in such decision powder as nature has invested so much on man to produce him. Nature also doesn’t take impulsive/erratic decisions.

The biggest mistake nature would have done is (it is my presumption) that after giving so much to man (the wealth of fauna and flora), it also gave him greed to abuse, molest and destroy the very nature that gifted everything to him.

Nature also rarely gave man, the fear and surprises with a hope that man would realize from within but how a man dead at his virtues will learn or realize from within.

The care, the precision, the value, the time, the expertise, the protection & resource in anticipation and finally the cost nature has invested/incurred in making the ‘man’ (the biological man) is difficult to quantify or define. When nature has created different life forms, nature also gave the opportunity to adapt or become extinct and the only weapon given to these life forms was ‘physical strength’. In the case of man, nature gave him ‘intelligence’ as an extra weapon and that is where the nature would have erred.

The younger generation need to be ‘involved’ rather than ‘educated’ in their academic and should be made caring about the nature, said Dr. S Ranganthan, Director of ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai in a meeting where Dr.Gokulshankar and Dr.Ranjith, teaching faculty from AIMST University, Malaysia were present.

Besides teaching the syllabus, we also teach values and virtues to our students said Dr.Gokul and Dr Ranjith.

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