"The City Exhales" the name of this short story so far....

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

The wind blew his thick alburn hair into his eyes. He slowly brushes it away with his long well manicured fingers.
She walks along and notices his handsome blue eyes as he watched her walking. She smiled.
"Hello," he said. She stops just short of the curb.
"Yes, Hello! She says, as the big wind nearly makes her gasp as the wind blew her hair up and about.
She pretended to stop to wait for the light to turn when actually she was headed around the corner to her fathers store. She tucked the newspaper she was carrying tightly under her arm. He looked into her grayish green eyes.
"Haven't I seen you here before?" She asks.
"Who me?" He says nonshantly, "I seldom come her." He says with a laugh.
"I have seen you sitting here many times waiting on the bus." She protests.
"Would you believe I have a twin?"
"Don't feed me that! I did see you here last week in that same brown suit your wearing today."
He smiles at her and tries to hide a short chuckle.
"It was me. I just couldn't think of a clever line quick enough and well...... it bought me some time to think of one.
She bats her big eyes and him and he swollows.
"Well what?" He asks.
"The line? What was you thinking?"
"Well.....you see that huge brown stone restaurant in the next block. If I make reservations for Saturday would you be free?" He asks nervously.
Brock was not usualy at aloss for words around women.
On the contrary, but for the first time since 6th grade when he'd asked Milly Weston to the prom, this girl almost took hi breath. He smiles nervously watching her move the folded newspaper to beneath her other arm.
She pushes her hair away from her face and moves slightly to his left so the wind would blow her hair away from her face. She nods and smiles.
"I suppose, do I get a dessert?" She asks.
"If you want dessert I will ask them to make it special for you." He says giddishly. Realizing now she was probably going to say yes.
"Gee, I'm on diet." His heart sank. Oh no, he thought. She's going to say no. He watches her looking at the traffic behind him. He pauses and nervouly shuffles his feet.
"I guess I could come for dinner though!" She says smiling.
His heart races and his shoulders become just a bit less clinched too. He pats his newspaper on the bench nearby.
"So what time?" He asks.
"My dad's store, The Mulberry Tree is just around the corner. I get off by 6:00. Pick me up about 7 up stairs over the store. The entrance is on the side.
"Yes I know where it is. I watched you walking that way several times.
Suddenly now she feels uneasy. She realizes she wasn't going to cross the street and just stopped by...Gee, she thought. Hoping he wouldn't think she was after him. But deep down now that he'd asked her out she hoped it was the right thing to do.
"I will see you Saturday at......7:00 pm. on the dot." He says as he approaches the bus as it pulls up.
"What is your name?" He asks quickly as he puts on hand on the side of the bus.
"Willow.....Willow Mulberry."
Your name is Willow Mulberry?" He asks.
"Yes what's wrong with that she asks becoming a bit irritated.
"Nothing is wrong."
She knew her name was of two trees, but he best not even dare to make fun of her name.
"Miss Willow you are the pretties girl I've ever seen." He says. Showing is wit and covering his mistake of asking her name and reapeating it stupidly.
He jumps on the bus and she starts two walk away. She tosses her air to face the wind, and with a quick glimpse she sees him waving, as he sits down at the back of the bus.
She slowly raises her hand delicately... and waves back.
She walks back toward her fathers store. She watches the bus passer her and drive up the street. He smiles as he passes. She nods her head, and vears into the store.
"Where did you go to get that newspaper Willow, China?" Her father asks.
"Gee Dad, if I was on the clock I might have taken longer." She says briskly. She tosses the paper on the counter in front of him. He picks it up and tosses it onto the shelf behind him. He had owned his small store and been a taylor in on this side of town for nearly 23 years. He was a bit deaf in one ear and had a bit of a limp, after his accident of falling out of the tree when he was 11. He had lost his best buddy Phil last year. Good Old Phil,he'd called him. Had been in a home for nearly 4 years before he died. He has been rendered an invalid since he had returned from Nam. Good Old Phil had worked for her father for years. Willow had recalled the squeek of his wheel chair for much of her growing years.

Linda Bates Terrell
March 9, 2011

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