"It's All About Me" What an attitude?

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Many religions such as Christians have one belief, that Christ is the savior, the son of God, come to take way our sins. That Christ had one purpose, was to save many of their sins!
To the ones who find a Christian type religion it is known that, Christ was wise beyond many! He was more giving, that even to a multitude of people. He healed the sick. He was sharing, caring and merciful to so many during his lifetime. He was the son of God, and his ultimate sacrifice was his life, to save others of their sins. Even thought in those days times were much diffetent. The kind of person many parents want to raise their children to be is; strong, smart, selfsufficient, loving, kind and this could go on for ever, but to be a special friend to someone and recieve this same token in return, is one of the best relationship life has to hold.
But what if Christ hadn't been born like that? What if he were one of those people, that one might run into on the street, even in passing, during ones active daily schedule. You probably realize the kind I'm refering to , the one whom everything is all about them 24/7. The one who cuts you off in traffic, and grins. Or cuts in frount of you in line and snickers. The kind of human being that thinks their main purpose in this world is to suck the fun from everyone else's life around them, with one main goal, to make their own better. They survive only on someone else's misfortune and savor the pleasure from every aspect of someone else's life.
So what if Christ was like one of those 'all about me' people. Where would be be? What would life be like for many? As many religions believe, his main purpose was to be the ultimat sacrifice for the multitue's fleshly sins, that one might recieve everlasting life for doing his ways. So many base their personalites and teachings on this to becme a man of God as a pastor, ministor, and such.
If he were born to be the child of God, and this had occured in a different manner, what would it have been for those that believe there is a better way of life? What kind of guidance would one have.
This writing is not about Christ or even religion in itself, but about how mankind has over the years become so slelf centered. For in the days of Christ tried to set an example to many!
So who do we model our selves after? For those who choose many forms of religion it is Christ. Some have their own idols, some may not choose to believe or even claim any form of religion. But everyone has to have a purpose a goal to be what they feel they should be.
Are we not to at least try to model ourselfs in a good manner? To be as good of a person as possible. Yes, we are! Whether we have religion as a basic map or just the love of mankind to 'do unto others as they would have them do unto you.' We still as humans find the need to believe in a way it all manifests into 'good nature', or 'good conduct', to live united.
So does 'good conduct' or 'good natured, or 'strict religious beliefs?' mean we should have that "all about me" attitude. Not at all! For some.....like children thinking of themselves is totally normal, but only allowed to be to a healthfull degree by parents.
But in adults, as parents we must grow up and realize not everything is going to be about us. In the average adults life, nine times out of ten much of our days will only be approximately less than 1/3 about ourselves. To most, and expecially parents; our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls are focused and used for our family (mostly), and some for our most presious friends through life. So when we meet another adult that has that 'all about me' attitude, that we simply detest to run into during our day.
In a Christian based home, the entire unit focuses to pray that the father above will show them what life is all about and enter into thier lives and hearts in a way that only Christ could accomplish. In a home that contians no kind of guidance, religious or other wise forms a new kind of person....possibly the one who thinks life is 'all about them.' For until a person like that realizes that life is (not) totally about them selves, they may never really learn to savor the treasures that this amazing world beholds. So when looking for a friend, is that the type, (the all about me person) with an attitued thatany one would seek in a frindship. How could it be built falseheartedly? It would be as if it were built upon the sand to wash away with the next tide. But a friendship built upon solid morals, good nature, loving attitudes, and just plain consideration and kindness, is a friendship will last through out time.
So what kind of life is 'the all about me attitued' going to accomplish? Possibly nothing but loneliness!

Linda Bates Terrell
March 9, 2011

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