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To all VN members. I wish to thank everyone who picked up the reins of this challenge. All of those who have supported and contributed in any way either through entry, responses or for just reading the variety of takes on the Title of "You may lead my Horse to water, but You can't make Him drink". I have always enjoyed writing poetry and now I am deriving great pleasure in both giving and receiving responses here on VN. Keith (Lumbard) has created something very special in this idea and we should all try to contribute to the on going fun and making new friendships along the way. This is what makes the VN family unique and distinguishes us from all the other well meaning sites. So far we have had 'Four Titles' one each from Keith, Roy, Jacinta and myself, my three predecessors contributed greatly to the challenge and I do hope you enjoyed my humble effort. It is left to me following Keith's graceful invitation, to pass on the Baton (whip) to the next 'unfortunate' who will have have to buy in fresh supplies of ink. We have had three 'Gentlemen' so far and only one 'Lady', so in the interests of fair play and 'New European Regulations' regarding Equality. I have chosen another of our fine VN Ladies. I am mindful of the impact upon your time having just experienced the ride and I am also aware of some outside commitments for some of our good friends. My Seasonal choice for the next carrier of the baton is VN's very own "Miss Nature", Our dear friend Nancy Crossland. I do hope when you rise up from the floor Nancy, you will accept the Baton and at the same time forgive me, for very soon you will be taking my name in vain.
(I wish I could have said all this in a Haiku) God Bless, Richard

Inspirational Title Challenge 'Baton Changes'
9th Inspirational Challenge Title "Baton Change"

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