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VoicesNet collections is a really great feature you can use to organize your writings and provide an easy way for your readers to navigate from one item to another. This ease of navigation also helps search engines spider through more of your writings which helps more of your content get discovered.

When you create a collection, you can organize by type, subject matter, project, etc. This makes it not only easier for you to keep track of your work, but it makes it easier for others to find your writings.

Please note the "Description" box when creating a new collection. This is a great way to tell your readers what they will find in a collection. It is also your chance to market yourself as a writer, so be as descriptive as you can.

Are you ready to create your first collection? Go to your user profile, click on "new collection" button. You can organize any of your previous writings by adding them into new collections. Then you can manage all of your collections by clicking on "my collections" button on your profile page.

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