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Daily Thompson

It was back in my school days, one thing of a few that I did manage to get along, was the sprinting track. Either 100 metres or 200 metres suited me fine, always crossing the line, way ahead of my opponents.

Being an honest person, there was just one opponent who I did have to fight hard against, he was a close friend of mine, and his father was a preacher of a local church. For the summer events all would be prepared and set for competition, either from areas around the town, or also on the occasion, a sprint for South East Derbyshire. I would be given regular orders from my tutor, “Daily Thompson!” There meaning to have a regular train for further competition of the future and to have built up my strength yet more. It would have been such a hectic and strain full occasion training, time after time sprinting and other times, out for a jog or cross country.

Today, here in Great Britain, we have the approach of the London 2012 Olympics. At present, a hectic effort being put into building and preparing the main stadium, plus others too around the country, all for various forms of sport, and, of course, all parts needing to be fully developed for the opening. There are other ways too, this country like many other countries around the world are suffering at present. All falling behind in such things as money matters and keeping the balance. More and more businesses having to cut down on staff members and therefore leaving a lower number of staff to fight through the regular work, if not more work.

With how situations are developing around the globe, the regular order from my tutor to me myself, would be of great value, “Daily Thompson.” Perhaps in my earlier days, on a Sunday, the day of rest and worship to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by taking part in Holy Communion or praying for forgiveness. Perhaps from the last occasion of a 100metre training and the attempt to push my friend out or trip him up. But even so, things are not so straight these days like they are with the track of the 100 metre race, no, we are all being tripped up or pushed out, time and time again. Day after day, not week after week, we are needing forgiveness from our Saviour, the one who looks down upon us all, and keeps track of it all to.

Easter now approaching, the time when Christ suffered for us all himself. Jesus being seen to be the guilty one, although not guilty of a thing. His part being both carrying the cross, upon which to be crucified and suffering too. To me myself, training for the one hundred metre race, all was straight and forward to the finish, I could see the end from the beginning. No looking back or turning back, remaining focussed to the finishing line from the start. Here with Christ suffering upon the cross, he was unable to see ahead and stating the words; My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me. Well, you say, Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, he should be able to view the result of things. He had left all of his gifts up in Heaven, he was here upon this earth to suffer for us all, to be crucified upon the cross after suffering a good beating from the people, “Crucify him, Crucify him,” being the repeated words from them all. Barabbas the guilty one does win and Jesus is crucified, he suffered for our sakes, for the forgiveness of our sins. The Son of Gods innocence being the point of it all, he came to suffer and save us too.

Today he is on track by use of his Spirit, his spirit present within us all, that is to those that will accept that Jesus has won. All being in aim to keep things straight within those of us upon this earth, although all is very narrow. Just one simple sin and one is off track, onto a totally misleading line guiding one to hell. Satan shall do all he can to guide a person to turn his or her back on the Lord, The Lord our Saviour! It would be at such a time of a race where I would be playing my part, the words travelling through my mind were;- It is not how far we have gone, that we need to know, but how close we are getting. It is unlikely that the wages of sin shall be cut.

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