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My newest released book is onsale through many online bookstore Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients by Linda B Bates.

To search it is possibly easiest to go to the bookstore of your choice to see first if it is available by typing in by the title of Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients or Alisa's New Life. If you choose you may search for it by author name, which is Linda Bates or Linda B. Bates.
Also for a selection of prices and through foriegn countries google it and search it thorugh it.
I will list the two largest bookstore sites that you may go to purchase it, if you like. site is;

or site is;

Just recently it is availbale in ebook, but only Alisa's New Life is available in ebook form through

It may be less expensive ordered directly from the publishers online bookstore at;

or B Bates

Thanks! Linda

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