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Today marks the baptism of the royal twins of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary from Australia. Holmens Church is the host of the great event, which is very special for the Danish population. Now is the chance to see the Royal Family much closer to human eyes as this particular event occupies the TV screens, daily newspapers, journals and other means of communication.

It was not long ago that the popular Princess Mary gave birth to the twins: a boy and a girl. It was on the 8th of January and now on this particular day, the 14th of April, the names of the newly born infants are made known to the public by the church ritual, we call baptism. The Danish Bishop,Erik Norman Svendsen, officiates the baptismal sacrament.

Crown Prince Frederik uttered the name of the boy when he was asked by the bishop, “What is the name of the child?” He said, ”Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander.” And Crown Princess Mary, while holding the girl, answered to the same question, ” Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilde.” Good choices of names, which partly echo some names in the kingly generations but also of names from Greenland. Historically, Greenland was once a colony of Denmark, and still recognizing the Danish Queen as their own Queen.

Congratulations to the royal couple on the baptism of their new royal kids! It was a great sight to behold the Royal Family marching in and marching out of the church with their first two children, Princess Isabela (4 years old) and Prince Christian (6 years old) in front of them who have learned the art to wink/wave at the public with joy and great charm. These two kids, I believe, have captured the hearts of the Danish population, including the hearts of foreigners in the land.

A baptismal event in the Royal family is a rallying point for jubilation and celebration. I think the Danish population still holds on to the value of family life where children are nurtured and well-protected under the care of loving parents.The Royal family, therefore, stands as a symbol of an idealism for a stable family life in our modern time when families are threatened to be crumbling and disintegrating.

April 14, 2011

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