March 2011 Poetry Contest Winners Announced

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Congratulations to Cynthia Baldwin of the USA for being the March, 2011 Free Poetry Contest winner for the poem called "Speak"

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JUDGE COMMENTS: A powerful, very poignant poem with wonderful imagery and depth of feeling and emotion conveyed as related to, and as experienced through, the break up of a relationship. Thoughts and feelings are expertly, and creatively described and contained within. e.g. "And your words crash Against my soul," It flowed well and it evoked an emotional response in the reader. Congratulations to the author on creating such a moving poem.


1 Speak

2 "The Night Owl" by Bernie Byrne of the UK

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JUDGE COMMENTS: A very creative poem dealing with the driving urge of poets to write down their thoughts. It flows well from start to finish and paints a wonderfully clear picture of the poet wrestling with words. e.g. "From brain, to pen, to page, orchestral manoeuvres in a free flowing stream" expertly describes the capturing of these thoughts into verse. Many poets will be able to relate to this one. Congratulations to the author.

3 "Learning To Fly" by David Phillips of the UK

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JUDGE COMMENTS: A well structured, delightful description of a fledgling learning to fly. There is good grammar and punctuation throughout. Creative and descriptive, it captures the event, step by step for the reader, to the wonderful finish of the little bird crying triumphantly "Look at me, look at me, look at me!". It is very well done.

Congratulations go to the author.

Cynthia is eligible for a $25 payment if a paypal email address is provided.

All poems were read by at least three independent judges. Each judge could reward a star to any contest poem if they thought that it was a top poem. All contest poems that received one or more stars from the judges were then classified as Finalists. The Finalists were then read and reviewed again in a final round of judging to then choose the top poems.

Thanks again to everybody. Great Job!

The VoicesNet Team

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