Sophia's Comforts

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

It was 11:55 am when Sophia looked at the clock on her living room wall. It was still decorated like the 70's of green and orange. Alone, she sadly looks out the wondow. The skies were gray and the coulds flowing. It was starting to rain. It had rained for several days and spring was obviously all about, as the trees were swaying. Only to show a few new leaves.
Sophia flips the television on. She sit down to watch it. Tornado watches and warnings were all over the United States. She sit down and watched closely wondering if it were in her area. It was nearly over now and she sighed a it of relief. Evidently had hadn't been in her area. But she wondered for the people and what was now going on in their lives, in other areas that might have been it's path. Tornado Ally it was called. She sit quietly for a moment in prayer for the many it had devistated thier homes. Why would any one ever feel safe in that area, she thought to herself.
Simple rainy days were like gloom of the mind for some one already down in the dumps, she thought. She had spent so many rainy days lately, it became annoying to her and depressing. How would she pull her self out of this gloom.
The only way she ever had. She let her mind wonder back of the days when she was a child, the days that she and her friends walked to town in the rain, laughing and giggling up and down the sidewalks,and rural side streets, all the way to town. And when they arrived at the drug store for some pepsi and chesty chips, the thought of that one specific days lingered on her mind. Of course, how her friends looked that day so long ago. Hair dripping wet, smiles across their faces. And random youthful experiences of the days gone by, that not even clouds could put a damper her now. She smiled to herself, as she sit all alone recalling her long ago youthful friends one by one. She recalled the the fun times so joyously. It delightful moments of thoughts, were like a special magical drink she sipped that made all the bad thoughts disappear.
If only everyone had such great memories that would help them on those sad depressing day, she thought. She felt privilidged that her mind could recall such wonderful events on command. She'd had very little in life, but life to some was lived so vigrously that it was not savored, as the sweet taste of the peach at his ripest. She had used her mind like ti was an atadote to her blues.
Sophia has spent all her life hoping to some day be somebody. Dreams that might never happen, till that day! She realized that if she never manged to get out of that small non-productive town, she has her memories to comfort her, of days gone by. Each memory of her old friends were like a warm sweather on a chilly morning. But soon she sighed and leaned back in her chair, as the weather continued on her television.
She felt a sudden fear go over her. Was memories all that held her life together, or was memories all that kept it form furthering evaporating, like a vapor of dread? Suddenly she was more confused than ever. Which was it? Would or could she ever completely leave her past behind her? Would she ever want to move on and let the past be never again to recall, not even on gloomy days.
She sit watching the hefty weaterman trying to explain the numerous storms. She had realized that life was just exactly what she was watching.
The best parts of life are never without the sun, even it was hidden some days by the storms. For if it were rainy ever day......when would one desire for rain, and if it were sunny every day one would never have the sadness and down hill rides of life that the rains brought about.
Sopha reaches to gently brush her long brown locks gently behind her ears. She folded her arms into her lap as she sit down to look out at the drizzle rain through the window. And for that moment Sophia felt a comfort inside her that not even her fondest memory could touch in similarity. For in that brief moment she realized life was just like the weather. Her sad love that ended bad, was the rain that fell the clouds that blew. The winds that blew were like the changes of life that were unpredictable, and on the few times she'd hopelessly fell in love was the sunny days, of the warmth that was so comforting. And lasting love was like the autum, with it's constant colorful daily changes, like the leaves of oranges, reds and browns. And last but not least divorce or parting of any kind was like the Winter, with it's cold chills that left one some times aching pitifully inside.
How has she not seen that simple comparison before, in all her life before, she wondered. Was she to busy just trudging through her life, never to realize that before. Evidently she had, she thought to herself. Suddenly she felt more mortal at that moment than she had ever felt before. As if some how a light bulb lit up over her head. For in her thoughts of the past on bad days she had
avoided, was all along right in front of her. Life, like all the seasons.... was to be lived!

Linda Bates Terrell
April 20, 2011

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