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Every form of Toleration has a limit and one cannot tolerate beyond it. We tolerate so many things in life and the most irritating one is pressure. When you tolerate something it tends to decrease but when you try tolerate Pressure, the more you tolerate the more it increases. You want to get rid of it but it grabs you like glue. If you are nervous you succumb easily to pressure. pressure forces you to do something out of your comfort level. You may sometimes need to finish a job such as writing within a deadline. Then you discover that the time is inadequate. You start feeling pressure. You lose your thinking ability, your interest. Your pressure leads you to physical distortions such as headache. You take more pressure as you slowly lose your confidence of doing that job within deadline. Suddenly, you find yourself busy and stuck in new burdens. The possibility of finishing the work seem more and more remote. you then realize that even though you can finish the job it would be poor in quality. You just sink yourself in depression and insomnia.How much can an individual tolerate pressure? Answer: Till he surrenders to madness.

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