a writing by Osman Gani

Memories creep into your heart and reside there silently. Suddenly, they overwhelms you, captivates in the realm of reminiscence. These memories are related with some memorable people. wherever you go their memory also goes with you. You wish if you could return to those days. Your life is nothing but a series of events, a series of memories. Your life is a train that moves forward in a hurry and you wonder whether you can return back. you may not always have the memorable passengers with you but you do carry memories in the bogies of heart. It seems sweet days have passed so quickly. At a point of time, you realize how valuable those memorable days were.You may die one day but your memories will not die because you will become memorable to others. You will live in others' memory. You remain memorable to others for every moment you have shared with them. Memories never die nor the memorable.

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