The public eye

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

Sunny afternoon. A car crosses the highway and heading towards the North with a single destination. The hot sunshine spread on the faces of women and a man giving the texture of the dream in their common life is just beginning.
"Love is to feel that when I do not think, to squeal," thinks the woman delivering the look of the strong hands of the man who drives cautiously their relationship to a unknown even happiness by the sea. Why travel to a specific outcome. Gone to accommodate the love born in their eyes in a public house close to the blue sea.
It is true that when we met, came from different backgrounds, from different origins under a common but blue sky.
And it is obvious that love is to bring together the original conflict. Be experienced as an act blue consolidation of the public gaze.
"Love is to feel that when one imagines with, get better," thinks the man touching the hair of the woman who will be the extension of life.
Then, the original trip comes to an end of mature common thoughts, full of common image in front.
They arrive in the small village at the time of sunset. The sun illuminates the future.
Later, march along the seafront. A ripple greets the young couple.
It is now forward together in the vastness of the horizon in front of the unknown sea of blue.
Gets a kiss from their lips and welcomes the coming of night. The moon consents. The sky smile on his lips.
They begin to live with a happiness unspeakable, ineffable, bathed in moonlight.
They think they both think they have a rare privilege.
On the one hand, the mathematical treatment of the world and the other human, emotional approach to public life.
And not mistaken. Refer to the thinking and imagination to the common student years, to steal some light, some initial speed of love. In time, they create together. They create their own world in a small corner of the world. And leave space for more on the dream to realize.
A man and a woman coming to light of truth. Now and forever.

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