a writing by Osman Gani

Every coin has two different sides. One side may shine like gold but the other side always dips in darkness. The typical South Asian big cities display such a situation where lives of dwellers contrast. The distance between the big cities
and the contracted slums may be less than a couple of yards yet the difference is that of a gulf. The dazzling, massive cities dazzle even more if it is placed beside those ragged slums. In that sense, these slums are foil to these mega-cities. While the city-dwellers crave for even better dwellings, the slum-dwellers hope that their shaky lodge does not collapse. Whereas the city-men do not even seem have time to think of what items to eat, the poor slum-dwellers think of what to eat and how to earn that. The big cities are so beautiful, so clean, so hygienic. But the slums are so ragged, so messy, so unhygienic. The lifestyle of city-men seems to that of digital robots whereas the lifestyle of slum-dwellers seems to be that of insects. How contrasting life can be in, virtually, the same place!

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