a writing by Osman Gani

It was midnight. Rohit and his family were sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, the storm began with a gust of violent wind. Unfortunately, the window beside Rohit’s room was wide open. He just struggled to close the window. Just as he went to bed again after closing the window, the calling bell rang. It rang so violently and incessantly that every family member were awake. Everyone wondered who is or are in the main gate. They unanimously judged that there are robbers. Everyone peeped through the window and tried have a glimpse of the robbers. The main gate was quite far. But it was stark dark outside in this violent stormy night. Moreover, the electricity was cut off. But the calling bell still rang incessantly as it worked both through Electricity and Battery. No one dared to go near the main gate but depended on their imagination instead.

Someone whispered, “There are some dark shadows of robbers outside”.

Another agreed, “Yes, one of them has a torchlight. I can see a shining light there”.

Some said, “We heard a voice”.

Some said, “There are sound of some footsteps. Perhaps they are trying to break the main gate”.

These things might well have been Illusion but never a hallucination. Everyone cannot be wrong. Was it or was it not that was the question. Everyone trembled and shrank in fear of the unknown. The doorbell still continued to ring. Everything has an end. Finally, everything stopped as the sun shone brightly except the fast heartbeat of Rohit and his family. They crept toward the main gate. Nobody was there and the main street nearby was as lively as usual. Suddenly Rohit discovered that the wires of doorbell were damaged in the storm. As he shook the wires, the doorbell again started ringing incessantly. Shrieking, everyone nearly jumped in fear and recovered slowly. They could understand that there was no human robber last night but it was the calling bell, the Electric Robber that robbed everybody’s sleep.


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