a writing by Osman Gani

Every poem is a work of imagination.A poet's imagination knows no boundary, no limit. Imagination can penetrate the unfathomble creations in search of expression, the speech of mind. For the collecting diverse images of Nature imagination goes beyond limit. It is a well-known fact that Where the sun's ray cannot reach, A poet's imagination reaches there. My poem "IMAGINATION" does explore various forms of such poetic imagination and tries clarify the idea of imagination. Potic imagination often tries to find the expression in objects of Mother Nature. To imagine a poet need not see an object of Nature but he can imagine to give the Unseen a form according his own artistry of poetic imagination. poet is such an artist who collects most of his ingredients from the Imagination rathar than the experience. Imagination depends solely on a poet's power of finding expressions in words that crushes logic, the limitations of thinking. Poetic imagition works according to its own logic rathar than any scientific logic. Imagination cannot be subdued nor can be defeated by any force. Such is the power of Imagination!

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