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People say that, coming events can be determined through omens. Sometimes these omens are connected with some special objects of Nature. Few months ago, big uncle Joe brought a pet dog to our house. A small white dog. The day the dog entered our house, uncle Joe got a good job. The job was really important because grandfather has retired recently and he was the only earning person. He did not even have the money of pension from office yet. Our family was going through a tough period. Then came this auspicious dog in our life and changed our life. Even uncle Robert, the ten-year long unemployed man, managed to get a job. A small job yet a job. Once our pet dog had pricked a thorn on his leg and in that same day grandmother had a minor accident on her leg. We named the dog “OMEN” that suited his characteristics.

Old grandmother often commented, “This is not a dog but a messenger of God”
Grandfather remarked, “I feel he is Fate itself.”

Omen seemed to agree with these comment as he waved his tail sportingly after hearing the eulogies. Omen was the favourite of small uncle Gary too. Uncle Gary was a scientific-minded person. Still he commented, “Omen is a miracle.” You can find thousands of such comments from our family members including me.

Suddenly one day, Omen was lost. It was a bad omen. Uncle Robert lost his job. We searched Omen a lot. Thankfully, we found Omen. His returning to our house proved to be another auspicious event. Uncle Joe got promotion in job. Couple of months passed. We were happy.

But fate does not go according to your wish. One day, something happened that left us stunned. Omen died after three days of fever. It was a bad omen. In fact, a very, very, very, very bad omen. We trembled partly in grief and partly in the fear of upcoming disaster. Can anything be more ominous than this?

We were sinking in the quicksand of numerous questions. Is there any upcoming disaster? Accidents? Someone’s death or something more dreadful? Suddenly the doorbell rang. We knew something bad was going to happen. Nobody dared to move except uncle Gary. Uncle Gary went to open the door. A postman was there. Uncle Gary returned with an envelope in his hand. He started to open the envelope. We were still trembling inside. It was a cheque that contained money of grandfather’s pension. A handsome amount worth 30000$. It was a long-cherished desire of grandfather and our family. Can anything be more auspicious in our life than this?


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