9th Inspirational Challenge Title "Baton Change"

a writing by Richard Gildea

(This is not a VoicesNet sponsored Event)

To all members and interested parties, we regret to announce that 'Linda Bates Terrell' (who was previously nominated) is unable at this time to undertake the position of "Baton Holder" for the above event. We do hope Linda is well and our best wishes are sent her way.

Our dear friend Marcia has now been requested to re-nominate and has without hesitation chosen the "Thunder from Down Under", our friend Elizabeth Squires.
We are sure that Elizabeth will carry the "Baton" in the well honoured tradition of famous 'Aussie' athletes of the past.

We wish you well Elizabeth and hope you too enjoy the ride. We now await what we are sure will be a well considered and inspiring "Title". All the usual rules apply (which can be viewed under recent documents column). Elizabeth will carry the Baton for a period of 4 weeks, before choosing a new nominee.
All members are welcome and encouraged to join in the "Fun".
Thanks once again to Marcia for a wonderful contribution to "The Challenge"

Good luck everyone, Regards from Musketeer's Keith, William and Richard.

(This is not a VoicesNet sponsored event)

Inspirational Title Challenge
Inspirational Title Challenge 'Baton Changes'
"The 9th Inspirational Title Challenge"

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