An ocean of feelings

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

Middle of autumn. On the edges of a sunset, a young and beautiful woman is seated on an ebony desk. In ivory fingers holding a pencil. Written on a small white paper.
To accurately complete the meaning of a word. Is the word ocean.
The woman caress with the memory of the unborn more words and hand moves on the white paper.
The thinking is effortless, primary, auto close the lips. Writes it while saying a voice tag. It is a complete sentence: "The big ocean waves to excite."
Her eyes lit-colored sunset.
As then, the day he first kissed the ocean bare feet with a deep nerenio, ocean kiss. Then, the day she gave the oceanic vastness of the joy of contact with the skin's sun-kissed.
Then not allowed to kiss the ocean to touch only to the knees. When she felt the ocean silence to flooding of it is.
Then he saw his dreams of marching to the surface of the blue ocean existence.
And now the contact returns the look with the help of writing. Why the proposal fills the eyes and the smile returns to her lips with the force of the sunset that presages a sea of emotions, an ocean of emotions, able to illuminate the night will soon meet with darkness in the room next to the sea that surrounds the existence and the birth of writing.
Mature joy she gets out of office and goes to the window facing the sea. There, he brings the look and an exclamation of happiness begins her lips for an exciting trip to the ocean vastness.
Now the proposal is traveling. From the memory of the ocean body. From the imagination of the waves of the sea that once greeted with joy.
It is the moment of reconnection, the moment of writing a joint, a familiar past. The woman and the ocean. The waves of immense feelings, experiences the liquid kiss of shared experience, common enjoyment.
Then she returns to the office. Looking for a long time the white paper. Her eyes roll tears, tears of joy. The ocean route of the future is exiled to oblivion by the soul.
The night spreads everywhere the caress of the body and dreams take the place they deserve.

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