"The 9th Inspirational Challenge Title Update"

a writing by Richard Gildea

“Please note this is not a VoicesNet sponsored event”

We are now approaching "Halfway" for our dear friend Elizabeth's wonderful "Challenge", entitled "Two Hearts Beating As One".

We have received a record number of entries and some wonderful submissions, with great responses so far.
If any of our members have been away or should wish to participate for the first time please feel welcome to do so.

Should you wish to catch up with your own unique take on previous "Titles", they are all listed below in Chronological order.

"Poem Titles" submitted so far are:

“You may borrow my pen but don't use my ink”
By Keith Lumbard. UK
“A Small Lump of Clay” with “A Transient Name"
By Roy Kneale UK
“Whither the Wind blows, there Falls the Seed”
By Jacinta Ramayah Malaysia
“You may lead my horse to water, but you can’t make him Drink”
By Richard Gildea UK
“Though Nothing Can Bring Back the Hour of Splendour in the Grass, Of Beauty in the Flower” By Nancy Crossland USA
"All Cards Are Marked and All Fates Will Collide" By William Willis UK
"The Fragrance of the Virtue Rises to the Heavens"
By Dr. Sudarsan Prasad India
"Fasten your Seatbelts, it's going to be a Bumpy Night"
By Marcia Schechinger USA

Have fun and enjoy making new friends and widening your social circle.

Kind regards and warmest wishes from Musketeer's Keith, William and Richard

“Please note this is not a VoicesNet sponsored event”

"The 9th Inspirational Title Challenge"
Inspirational Title Challenge 'Baton Changes'
"The 10th Inspirational Title Challenge"

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