Through The Minds Eye!

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Today I was reading the Sunday paper looking at a recent art show displayed with color photos in the newspaper. As I looked at the photos in the paper of all the amazing paintings of the art show I suddenly thought of how amazing the artistic mind really is. It is much like a camera or a computer with a printer, which I've realized for years, but today I somehow appreciated it even more. You've heard the saying seeing things 'through a minds eye.' Well it really applied to this. I began contimplating with my own mind of how an artist looks at unique senery or still life and then putting it on canvas like a camera, forever capturing it, as it was in those short moments their mind prescieved it, with a glance. As many realize, in the years before cameras most all people treasured paintings of family members, as well as other painting, but especially of loved ones.

They were considered so rare. Now it is nothing to see photos all over the internet, store windows, and many places of photos of most anything. Some times colorful flyer dropped carelessly on the ground in a parking lot, discarded as it were nothing now days. When pictures were nearly a miracle to those of the past. In the early days newspapers had print, and an occasional crude drawing of store or company hand sketched logos, as before the camera was invented photos were not available, and people paid high prices to traveling artist. Just so they might have a captured eternal glimpse of a loved one on canvas to treasure.

The human mind, and some animals minds are one of Gods most amazing creations. It gathers information much like a computer or camera and prescieves it through motor skills for the enjoyment of others. Such as paintings, poetry, writting books, and other things. In fact the list would become endless of the many talents one could produce.

Often, I picture my mother drinking her coffee from a white dainty thin hand painted cup. I think of the little tiny cups made in china, as I admired closely every little detailed painted pink roses on them. I wondered even back then who might have painted those beautiful tiny roses on her cup. But now days millions of factories now toss them out by a million, each with a different lovely pattern but created much differently than it was many years ago. Progress is amazing, but I do miss the unique feeling I got as a child, and the pleasure from admiring such a thing created by another human being, as many other do too. A one of a kind item. I still gaze upon many forms of art in awe.

These hand painted rose painted painting on cups are still available, but less common now days. It is a lost art in many places and replaced by manufactures with hi-tech ways.
Produced by assembly lines and such. So does it make the hand painted ones much more valuable or treasured. Maybe depending on how popular the artist that painted it. Not everyone is capable of producing such art. However, each ones mind is capable of much. And it is said that we only use a portion of the human mind. Many including myself, are amazed and appreciate the marvels of the creative mind in many degrees of art. A tiny rose on the side of a cup is only a minute portion of what some artists minds can accomplish. So imagine if we used the rest of the majority or our minds. Gee, what one could accomplish!

Linda Bates Terrell
July 10, 2011

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