July 2011 VoicesNet.com Poetry Contest Winners Announced

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Congratulations to Phil Cerasoli of the USA.

The July 2011 Voiceset.com Poetry Contest winner is the poem called "Just A Tiny Cosmic Dancer"

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JUDGE COMMENTS: " A very well constructed poem with excellent rhyme and rhythm. It shows to perfection the wonderful skills of the poet as he captures that moment of peace he is experiencing and then draws the reader in to share his reflections on life in general to reach his conclusion,

"So I seek the final answer,
Just a tiny cosmic dancer
Waltzing on this endless universal stage"

His reflections touch the heart and soul. Excellent grammar and punctuation contribute to making this a wonderful, captivating read. Congratulations to the author on creating such a beautiful work of art with his words!"

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1. "Just A Tiny Cosmic Dancer"

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2 "Primeval Call" by Richard Gildea of the UK

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "Wonderful imagery and well constructed; the poem is delightful. The poet’s words create a picture that is clear and pristine as he deals with the "primeval call" of nature.

"Eagles soar on golden wings with wispy clouds in talons caught
To clear the skies of powdered blue, a pleasing canvas background shade"

"Salmon fighting way upstream, from oceans journey hath returned
Defiant of the surging foam and rock filled streams that line the way"

These stanzas capture it all.

Congratulations to the author for a wonderful poem."

3. "After The Night Shift" by Lynne Colgrave of the UK

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "A well constructed, very poignant poem that touches the heart of the reader. The poet has quietly painted the picture of loss and the sorrow of losing a child.

"Silently, her thoughts rang out
and filled the room with
images and longings raw
to hold his little body close,"

These are words that capture the feelings and emotion.

Congratulations to the poet for creating this very moving poem."

The contest winner is eligible for a $25 paypal payment if a paypal email address is provided.

All poems were read by three independent judges. Each judge could reward a star to a poem that was read if they thought it was a top poem. All poems that received one or more stars from the judges were then classified as finalists. The Finalists were then read and reviewed again in a final round of judging to then choose the top poems.

Thanks again to everybody. Great Job!

The VoicesNet Team.

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