The girl who loved the sea

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

This is the story of a girl by the name of the wind-painted look.
It is precisely in the middle of summer. When the girl meets again the sea that he loves so much. During a very hot afternoon, while the beautiful sunset, the girl read a story written in French, stands up very strong wind that waves the sea tame. The girl in the fairy paced his room and goes to the window to see the rough sea.
The look is neat, but in the depths of his soul something tells him that this water mist will bring something good for him. Why is a girl with three characteristics: a love of words and names, faith in himself and in the potential and endless willingness to stand out from all the girls his age talking secretly with the sun, sea and moon.
His dream girl is dancing to the rhythm of natural beauty and to protect all animals sore. And to achieve this, is determined to become a great man with great knowledge in all aspects of life that everyone should respect his words.
Outside, the wind continued all afternoon and not end nor during the night.
Late at night while the girl is sleeping peacefully, a glimmer fengarenia comes and bathes the closed eyelids. The girl feels that the moon urged to descend at dawn on the beach, because there's something beautiful happens. The feeling inside the sweet sleep that ensures his eyelids and it is not surprising, because it happens to some great people. To have that communication with the whole creation. And the girl belongs to these people. That gives him a newfound strength.
So, quite naturally, when the dawn comes to meet his dreams, the girl pulls the line for the beach. When she arrives, stays stunned. The sea has turned out many stones on the shore, which on the golden sands of summer have not been thrown across as all other times, but form the name.
The moment his eyes sees this unusual but wonderful sight, the girl understands that life changes. Why now is more than just a simple girl. Is the girl of seafood words. Is the girl who loves words, the girl of the blue sea, the girl who can write on the same physical beauty of the land.

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