a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Three weeks ago the Prime Minister informed the country about the forthcoming election that should take place on the 15th of September. Few days after, the sides of the open roads were blossoming with placards of the faces of the political candidates with the logo of their corresponding parties.

Then debates and interviews between opposing and allied parties were viewed everyday on every TV screen in Danish homes.Profiles of running candidates came out on the spotlight many pages on newspapers and advertisements. Candidates could be seen on the streets greeting people, distributing brochure or a flower. Time for debates continued until the eve of the election day.
Citizens got the chance to listen and reflect.

And this morning the polls were opened. Those who have the right to vote casted their ballots until 8 in the evening. At six in the afternoon partial results were already broadcasted to the public. By 8 in the evening the people could already get the feeling of the seeming final result, who among the parties have gained more mandates, who among them have lost mandates. Parties with good results are rejoicing. And those who get unsatisfactory results accept their defeat and vow to do more to pursue their politics for the good of Denmark.

At nine o’clock what is made clear now is that the Red Block, comprising four political parties, has won over the Blue Block. Denmark, after tonight, will have a new government with the social democrats leading.

Very short election! Very quick results! Democratic principles observed. No violence. No vote-buying. The will of the people wins! Congratulations, Denmark!

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