Welcome Wagon Coming Soon...

a writing by VoicesNet News

Shortly, we will be introducing a new webpage to our website here that we will call the Welcome Wagon Page.

This page is named in tribute to those who have ever been involved in neighborhood welcome wagon activities. You are angels who have made the transition for many families much smoother into established neighborhoods.

We hope that regular members will stop by this new area and engage those who are newer to our community by reading the new works and posting welcome comments and making the new members feel like they belong, as they do.

We will add a link to the new Welcome Wagon area to page menu templates used throughout VoicesNet.com and VoicesNet.org.

Many members have commented over the years about how a response that they had received here when they first joined had made such a big impact on their lives.

We want to be about that type of experience here at VoicesNet so the Wecome Wagon idea has been in place informally behind the scenes for a while and it is time to bring it to the public.

Stay tuned. We just need to work out some remaining details.

The VoicesNet Team

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