THE DAMNED FOOL --- (Chapter 1)

a writing by Osman Gani

He was a tall guy with blue eyes. Some saw blue oceans in his two deep eyes, some saw a touch of wolfishness. Actually, the formers were his friends who tried to find some positive attributes in him. Now, the latter ones, which consisted with everyone outside his friend circle, saw nothing in his blue eyes but sparking foolishness. His eyes were different from everyone else, perhaps because he was different in every aspect even in foolishness.

He was a fool even to me, not because everyone has labeled it on him but because of his ignorance. He had a Gift, a gift that can change this world. If he was not a fool, then by now, the world would have drenched in Peace or got devastated in utter Evil reign. He was a fool because he was a good man. I have not lost hope yet, I still hope that he will understand his gift one day and change this world into a better place.

Understanding the gift is what is important. But, the Gift that he had is so odd. If you cannot use it well, it is more dreadful than Curse. The Gift was, whatever he uttered with Heart, the Opposite was destined to happen, unless he can cheat Fate. He was too fool to cheat Fate and this foolishness led to his miseries. He was not only a fool, he was a damned fool.

I don’t know where and when he got this Power, this gift. It seems that even he does not know. Clearly, this Gift emerged as a curse at first. He was an orphan and lived many years in an Orphanage. No one liked him as he was a fool who could not even fool himself. He was often scolded, sometimes by his comrades in the Orphanage and mostly by the supervisors of that orphanage. Once he wished a friend to get well from sickness. His words affected the fate of the boy and he never left his sick-bed ,consequently, died. Everyone feared him since then even his few remaining friends. He was lonely before but after that event he became alone. When he was 18, he left the Orphanage and entered into this outer world. This entry was more like jumping from a fry pan to Fire.

I have said so much about him but I have not said his name yet. His name is Tom Villard. Well, I hope he is introduced well enough now. Now let us take a little glimpse at some pages from his life history. I will take my leave from narration. I will take my leave for now. The victim of Fate himself, Tom, will visualize everything in next chapter as it is his story and my interference is not expected. Here begins the story of Tom Villard. Who is he? He is the damned fool.

(TO BE CONTINUED............)

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