Posting the " 13th Inspirational Title Challenge", The Rise and Fall of Notes

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dear poets,

After some moments of reflection, I have decided to submit to you as the " 13th Inspirational Title Challenge" this title: The Rise and Fall of Notes

This image came to me after a successful cross-cultural event, Toner på tværs (in Danish) or Cross-Cultural Voices, which took place last Saturday, which I partly coordinated. It was a cultural event that was able to gather people of 30 nationalities around cultural expressions like vocal renditions by individuals and ethnic groups, community singing, renditions with the use of different musical instruments, dances, poetry reading and international buffet. The night reflected different sounds and tones, different cultural expressions and tastes, and yet was able to weave a kind of beauty and harmony, enabling us to see our oneness as one humanity in experiencing common joy.

I suggest this title, therefore, to help us see the reality of contradictions, conflicts, opposites, polarities, differences and how it is possible to see the reality of unity,coherence, harmony, beauty, resonance and reconciliation.

The title can be gleaned from the annals in history, from triumphs and defeat,from the lives of heroes and victims, from our own personal lives in our personal struggles and ups and downs, from nature and galaxies. And the list will not end.

As a poet, you are free to do anything with the title. You can alter it in your own way. Just keep the melodies, tones, voices and notes to be rising and falling.

I want to sincerely thank Dowell and the Three Musketeers for passing on the baton and for taking initiative that once in a while, we have something we can work on together.
Thank you very much. Tusind tak.

Now grab your pen and find a piece of paper. Or open your computer and start typing letters and words and install them in your heart and mind. Happy writing and reading. Let us keep in touch!


Elizabeth O

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