September 2011 Poetry Contest Winners Announced

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Congratulations to Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik from the USA

The Free Poetry Contest winner for Septemebr 2011 is the poem called:

"Strong and Beautiful"

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "Beautiful imagery in a poem that is well constructed. Rhyme and rhythm flow smoothly throughout with good grammar and punctuation. After reading the poem, one is left with an understanding of how strong and courageous the human spirit is. It is full of wisdom that the heart and mind can grab a hold of and take into our own future with Faith and trust in a God.

"We learned to fly
with broken wings
into a sunrise
without knowing what it brings."

Congratulations to the poet for achieving such a beautiful and inspirational poem.

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1. "Strong and Beautiful"

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2. "A Day In The Bush" by Paul Churton Bownas of Australia

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "The poet has created a work of beauty with his words! The countryside comes to life with his skill. The rhyme and rhythm are smooth and flow effortlessly from start to finish to paint a picture of "A Day In The Bush"

"A dingo howls farewell to night" (brings in the morning)

"The gum trees droop their leaves in pain" (reveals the heat of midday)


"On sunset’s purple cloak abroad
The moon sheds silver paths." (Completes the picture for the day)

Congratulations to the poet on creating such a beautiful poem.

3. "Transformation" by Phil Cerasoli of the USA

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "An exceptionally creative poem that takes the reader on a journey through life from Heaven, into History, the futility and evil of war and the hell it leaves, and then into a personal walk with God. Great originality in its inception with excellent structure and flow; and it leaves the reader on a verse of great wisdom.

"Just do your best and know that,
As you travel down the road,
It’s the trip that God intended you to take."

Nadezhda is eligible for a $25 paypal payment when a paypal email address is provided.

All poems were read by three independent judges. Each judge could reward a star to a poem that was read if they thought it was a top poem. All poems that received one or more stars from the judges were then classified as finalists. The Finalists were then read and reviewed again in a final round of judging to then choose the top poems.

Thanks again to everybody.

Special Note from Judges: the judges are making decisions to move great poems down the list because of poor grammar and punctuation so if you are a poet and do not make sure that the grammar and punctuation is proper then you are hurting your chances for no reason in this monthly contest.

Great Job!

The VoicesNet Team.

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