VoicesNet Beta USA Writers Job Board Unveiled

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We have rolled out a beta (still has a few bugs) version of a USA Writers Job Board.

The job board is organized by US State an then US City, so you choose a state and then you choose a city or town and then you are presented with writing related jobs in the selected city or town.

We have added a link to our site's left menu on our home page and will be spreading the link around the website through that menu.

Here is the direct link to the Starting page where you select a US state:

VoicesNet.com USA Writers Job Board.

Check it out; we are still making minor adjustments to the searches and the cosmetics.

Bookmark the page and come back often and check out future improvements.

We provide this ability to you in affiliation with Simply Hired, a leading Internet Job Board aggregator. We get a few cents here and there when people select a job that they are interested in.

We backfill jobs into our system from Simply Hired data and provide our own unique search and user interface twists to provide you with a unique service.

You can also post a job directly through our website (look for obvious buttons on the pages) and your posting will appear above any back-filled job listings provided by Simply Hired.

You can click through on the job listings that you like and you will be taken to the APPLY FOR JOB page for that listing provided by the employer/job boards where the posting came from (Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, etc.).

We hope to eventually provide this job board on an international basis so stay tuned for that adaptation also.

Try it out today and see how you like it.

The VoicesNet Team

ps we will change the state and city list selection matrixes to list data from top to bottom and then left to right instead of left to right and then top to bottom. It is ironic that although we read as humans from left to right and then top to bottom that when data is presented in our natural way in a matrix table that our brains play some kind of trick on us - stay tuned for adjustments.

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